Our History

Venezuela180° was founded by the efforts of a Venezuelan in New Brunswick, Canada, his friends and journalist in Caracas, Venezuela.

The non-profit was launched on October 2017 and it is dedicated to creating partnerships to deliver food and hygiene products across Venezuela while highlighting positive journalist stories happening in the country and sponsoring low-income Venezuelans who require expensive medical treatments.

Our Mission

To (1) provide relief to shortages of food and hygiene products to organizations across Venezuela (2) to increase the media coverage of organizations in the country who are having a positive impact in the country (3) to sponsor low-income Venezuelans who require expensive medical treatments.

Our Vision

To be recognized for our solidarity with men, women and children in Venezuela who lack access to food and for its commitment to inform people about events happening in Venezuela not covered by mainstream media.

Our Goal

Solicit donations through fundraising activities to deliver resource packages to our partners in Venezuela; recognize the work of people in Venezuela who are trying to make the country a better place; give access to medical treatment to low-income Venezuelans.


We want to thank all organizations who have help us in delivering in Venezuela. Our work will not have been possible without their support.