Meet our Founder



My name is Jimy Beltran. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and have lived in Colombia and Ecuador. I moved from South America to Canada when I was 18 to attend St. Thomas University. Despite living so far from home for so long, part of me has always been in Venezuela. During my last year of university, seeing how bad the situation in the country was getting, I decided to do something about it.

And so Venezuela 180° was born. The name comes from a desire to see a 180-degree shift in Venezuela from a country of extreme crisis to a country of extreme potential.

To meet the immediate needs of people living in Venezuela, I decided to fundraise to send food and medicine to the country. Our initial goal was to send 1 tonne of food and medicine in 1 year. To date, Venezuela180° has been operation for 12 months and we have sent over 7 tonnes of vital supplies to the people of Venezuela.

I also saw how the international media continually portrayed Venezuela as a country of only economic disaster and corruption. While those problems are very real and very damaging to the structure of the country, that is not all Venezuela is. There are plenty of good people in the country working to make a positive impact. We wanted to share those stories.

That is why in addition to sending food, Venezuela180° also works with journalists in Caracas to find those positive stories of the country and highlight them by publishing them for an international audience.


Jimy Beltran