Changing Venezuela one meal, one story at a time.


Vístete de Sueños empowers women with sewing and business skills

María Alejandra Avariano enjoyed sinking her hands into fine fabrics. Although she was not an expert, she spent many hours working…

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Impact Hub creates start-Up underworld in Caracas

On the 17th floor of a building in Los Palos Grandes, a main business district in Caracas, there is a spacious office. Large windows let in natural light…

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Las Espere: Group seeks to bring peace to victims of violence in Venezuela

If Rosa Orozco felt anger or resentment, it would be logical. Understandable. Natural. A soldier shot at her only daughter…

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Code for a new life: Chamatech teaches girls computer skills

Chamatech hosts more than 20 girls who meet once a week to improve their computer skills with the help of professionals…

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We are volunteers trying to make a better Venezuela.

Venezuela180° is supported by the efforts of students and young professionals in New Brunswick, Canada and Houston, Texas, and journalists in Caracas, Venezuela. 


Dedicated to change.

When we started Venezuela180° in October 2017, our goal was to send one ton of food and medicine to Venezuela over the course of one year. By March 2018, we had already surpassed that goal.

We are always striving to increase our impact by partnering with organizations within the country to distribute our contributions to those who need it most. To learn more about our progress to date, click the link below.